California Storms Local Flooding, Landslide, and Power Disruption – Brace for More and Get Prepared

(The following personal account comes from Jerry Colivas, CV’s SAFELY OUT™ Advisory Team Leader.)

This week California has faced some severe weather conditions and those conditions will continue through at least Thursday.  Northern and Central California got the brunt of today’s storm and Southern California will feel the pain tomorrow.  Forecasters have been talking about the El Nino conditions for a while now but there has been a persistent block in the ocean preventing it from reaching shore.  That block has dissolved so we can expect more of the El Nino conditions over the next couple of months.  While I expect to see some local flooding by this weekend, I worry about facing more of these episodes.  Now is the time to check your insurance policies, get out your SAFELY OUT™ kit, and review and practice or make a family disaster plan.  If you need help on the plan or you need a SAFELY OUT™ kit, let us know.  Remember, don’t try to drive through flooded areas and update your SAFELY OUT™ refrigerator magnet card with your “Helpers” and other vital information.


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