The Chilean Earthquake Offers Lessons for California

An Important Message from Jerry Colivas, Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ Advisory Team Leader

A recent Sacramento Bee article said the Chilean earthquake offers lessons for California.  Much of this article discusses how building codes and construction standards provided Chile a defense against massive loss of life and the destruction of homes and buildings that occurred in Haiti.  The article asks the question, would California fare as well as Chile did?

A point in the article that I want to focus on is preparedness.  In Chile, people were not prepared for this catastrophic event — in fact over a million Chileans were not prepared.  It is estimated that half of us Californians are not prepared either.

That means that literally millions of people not prepared.  We must prepare now for our most likely catastrophe – an earthquake, a major flood, a hurricane, and more. Have a family disaster plan and during disaster events, pay close attention to alerts and messages.  Have a portable radio with batteries and/or a hand crank; and ensure that you have food and water to sustain you and each person in your home for at least 72 hours.  Be prepared to leave your home safely, and if possible have alternate housing outside the disaster area.

And most importantly, have a SAFELY OUT™ Kit – and take the time now to fill out the “helper” information and other vital information on the cards and refrigerator magnet provided in the Kit.  Share the kit with your family and with your neighbors and encourage them to get their own at


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